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Julklappstips: Tidning om små träbåtar

5 december, 2013 – 02.27 Kommentarer inaktiverade för Julklappstips: Tidning om små träbåtar

wooden_boat_smallFrån amerikanska träbåtstidningen Wooden Boat kommer årets specialnummer om små båtar – det brukar alltid vara intressant läsning. Passar den som kanske funderar på att bygga en båt i garaget.

En gång per år kommer tidningen Small Boats som har gott om inspirationsmaterial för alla oss som kanske någon gång har tänkt att det skulle vara intressant att bygga en egen båt.

Den finns både att beställa som papperstidning, beställ tidigt om den ska hinna komma med posten från USA, eller i digitalt format. Båda kostar US$ 6,95 (ungefär 45 kronor), till papperstidningen tillkommer porto.

Från tidningen egen innehållsförteckning;

More than 20 great boats for sail, oar, power and paddle.

  • Chesapeake outboard skiff (cover) it’s the Point Comfort 18, a deadrise outboard skiff by Doug Hylan. Most of the hull is built of plywood, except for the sharply angled forward portion of the bottom, which is planked in double, staggered layers of plywood in narrow strips.
  • Gem Class. An N.G. Herreshoff-inspired 23′ daysailer from Classic Boats Ltd. of Auckland, NZ.
  • The Thompson Runabout. The signature lapstrake-planked motorboats of the Thompson company, produced in the 1950s and `60s.
  • 15′ Oyster-type daysailer
  • Expedition Rowboat. Ruud Van Veelen’s Sinne 610 Expedition rowboat, from Puuvenepiste, a company specializing in plywood lapstrake rowboats.
  • Sid Skiff. A sailing and rowing skiff recorded by Ray Speck, with versions ranging from 13′ to 16′.
  • A Square-Sterned Canoe, by Donnie Mullen. A classic outboard-powered Maine guide canoe.
  • Lit’l Petrel, by Steve Owen. A Stitch-and-glue yacht tender from Sam Devlin.
  • The Mirror Dinghy, by John Summers. A 10’11” pram-bowed sailing dinghy designed by Jack Holt; more than 70,000 have been built.
  • The Peterborough Nomad, by John Summers. A cedar-strip reproduction runabout by Woodwind Yachts of Nestleton, Ontario; based on the Peterborough Nomad of the 1960s.
  • Thistle, a 12-footer designed by Harry Bryan is propelled by a flexible fin controlled by reciprocating foot pedals; construction is cedar lapstrake or glued-lap plywood.
  • The Carolina Sportfish 23, run by Jacques Bertens. An offshore center-console fishing boat from bateau.com, based on the lines of the Carolina Sportfishing boats.
  • Dragon Flyer, a performance training sailing skiff from the board and shop of John Brooks.
  • Beach Pea. A Doug Hylan glued-lap peapod; makes an exceptional yacht tender, daysailer, and rowboat.
  • Spindrift, a versatile dinghy from B & B Yacht Design; models range from 9-11′, and are meant for sail, oar, or outboard.
  • Snekke, a traditional Norwegian double-ended motor launch meant for modest inboard power. These boats are still found all along the Norwegian coast; here we review an offering from Traditional Boatworks of New Hampshire.
  • Ipswich Bay 14, a 14′ outboard skiff from Pert Lowell Co.
  • The Paine 14, a Chuck Paine-designed daysailer based on the venerable Herreshoff 12-1/2.
  • Pen Hir, a trailerable cruiser from the board of the French designer Francois Vivier.
  • Cruising Faering. Chesapeake Light Craft’s plywood camp-cruising interpretation of a traditional Norwegian four-oared boat.
  • Simmons Sea Skiff, a legendary outboard-powered skiff built in sizes ranging from 14′ to 25′.
  • Ned McIntosh’s Canvas Rowboat