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Spitsgatter SXK 316 efterlyses

17 september, 2012 – 18.17 En kommentar

In the eighties I was a member in Svenska Kryssar Klubben, living in Gothenburg. I was the proud and happy owner of Lyla Florine (Mamsell when I bought her in 1986 or ’87), I think her number was SXK 316 – a lovely spittsgatter designed by B. Bothén, built at the Bröderna Arvidson wharf in Svineviken, 1957.

I returned to the US in 1990 and sadly had to sell her and lost contact with her. I wonder if you have any information about her whereabouts?

I would love to find out where she is and how she is doing – as they say ”old love never die”..=*^)

Here are a photo of her and a photo of a page in a Swedish Magazine from 1956 – I think Teknik för Alla but not sure. The one I owned had the superstructure slightly altered – she did not have a two part cabin roof like on the drawing as shown in the last image.

Thank you so much for taking the time and doing this. It would be amazing to find her again!


Christer Rosewell-Malmgren


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  • Pelle skriver:

    Hi Christer,
    I remeber this beautiful boat. If I don´t mistake myself I belive it was for sale some years after you had sold it. Haven´t seen it on the west coast since then.
    Best regards